Ignoring 3/4th populace – A make believe world


Did you read today’s newspaper? What all news did it cover? What’s the focus of today’s editorial and features? If you do not recollect offhand, please reopen your newspaper and just do a birds-eye scan.

India is a country of over one billion people; out of this around 740 million live in rural areas. We are the largest democracy in the world (because of our population) and every five years just 40 percent of these people living in rural India are actually instrumental in formation of a new government.

But quite strangely, this near seventy five percent population does not even have five percent space/time (in any media, electronic or print across the country) devoted to their problems, aspirations, dreams, activities and events. Even in extreme natural calamities or tragedies they are the last ones to be reached.

Every day there are news about the accident on the highway, the increasing stray cattle’s in the city, the page 3 parties, the statements and promises of politicians from the State’s capital, the events, activities and scandals in the city and other such items which have no actual news worthiness. The extra pages on Sunday carry a few articles about the flavours of wines, the wonderful party in a posh 5 star hotel, interview with some famous NRI’s, gossip columns on film stars, the new soap opera’s, the idiot box chats, the astrological columns and so on. It appears that we, the people living in cities, have become narcissist to the extend that we now sincerely believe that India and the world consists only of us and assume that its we who are driving it?

Where is the real populace which is living an unpretending life and actually driving our nation? Nowhere to be seen.

Lets assess, what do our movies present now-a-days? Are we presenting the real world through our movies and media? Even if this is not the real world, is this the direction we are aspiring to go?

Our movies now show the film heroes as the super rich boy/girl who wears the most stylish clothes, drive the latest bikes and cars, visit exotic places, romance in college, smokes drink and party. This is true for 9 out of 10 movies made in the recent years. None of the movies are now made on rural background or with any other alternate approach. Why? All out television serials carry the same approach.

Even if we forget about the countryside for some time, do you recollect reading/watching about the real heroes, the scientists and their new inventions, the social engineers, the meaningful writers and innovators, etc? The real heroes do not even have one percent of space devoted to them compared to the reel heroes. We are living in fantasies and worshiping the false heroes and their images. The pictures pasted on the walls in any college hostel will tell the story. The attires, style and mannerism of today’s youngsters will reveal the remaining part of the story.

Is this the true reflection of our society or are we being misguided by a super club of less than 5000 people into believing something which is not true, far away from the reality and 180 degree from the path our common sense tells us to tread? Are we being cheated every morning in the name of providing us the truth? Are we adopting someone else’s standards without even having the time to think about it? Are we being driven on someone else’s agenda and our thought process crippled and conditioned over the years for this?

Are some people providing us a wrong direction, just because it will help them to grow more affluent, powerful and acquire things they consider as important? I don’t know the answer. Do you?

Hemant Goswami


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