Independence – What are we celebrating

independence-indiaSo we are going to celebrate Independence of India? The republic India? A country enslaved in the shackles of corruption, communalism, castism, nepotism, crime, with disregard for human life & dignity.

Is there any reason to celebrate when there’s total lawlessness everywhere, corruption is rampant, number of poor people have increased many folds, the gap between the rich and the poor is widening everyday and what not. The very values enshrined in the constitution and envisioned in independent India are now no one’s concern. Even those who sit in the high offices by virtue of the power given by the constitution are not concerned about that very constitution.

Every Bureaucrat is a law onto himself, what to say even the peon of the bada sahib is so empowered. Who cares about the law, everyone talks about the so called practical aspect and the precedents as if the laws are just comic books and fictitious novels and they have the right to decide so. Even the judges in the court “on record” say that there is a law of the books and a law of practice. God knows who made this law of practice outside the spirit of the constitution, how one can come to know about it and how it is to be followed. This creates a situation where all laws are interpreted selectively in an aristocratic manner under the golden umbrella and with the blessings of Maa Lakshmi.

The ears of the blind God of Justice are too high and takes years for any voice to reach there undistorted. The People are too afraid to demand their rights or even raise their voice. A ten to twenty year period for a court case to finish is but a very small period. Speedy trial is not a right even in the fast track courts.

The statistics are manipulated year after year to show progress. People like us, living in urban areas, are made to believe that the whole country is progressing. Statistics are quoted, increase in GDP is cited and what not. We are made to believe that India is growing rich.

There are just around 6 crores and 40 lakh gas cylinders in India, what to speak of any other thing. How is the rest of India cooking its food? Still using Kerosene and Wood (or do you believe they are using microwaves?). Half of the countries population stills sleeps without three meals a day.

Even the poorest of Indian pay over 30% on all money transacted through him in the form of Sales Tax, Excise, Service Tax, Property Tax, Octroi, Income Tax, etc. Since every article we buy is directly and indirectly taxed at many levels so even if not everyone is paying Income Tax still he/she is paying good amount of taxes. Where is it going? Why no development is still taking place?

How have we killed the spirit of independence of every Indian? No one can dare raise his voice against corruption, crime or any other wrong. Any one can come and rob, kill or rape in broad daylight, in presence of hundreds of people, still no one raises his/her voice.

In 58 years we have managed to developed a system which has chocked every voice capable of speaking, handicapped every mind which can think, killed the spirit of enquiry or inquisitiveness and moved from a Nation of action to nation of rhetoric’s. As if all the speeches (and the so called planning’s) is a substitute to action.

What are we celebrating?

Still deliberating…………..
Hemant Goswami


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