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PTC News Discussion – Scrap MoU with Monsanto

Discussion on PTC news w.r.t. why Punjab Government must scrap the MoU it has signed with Monsanto. Hemant Goswami and Umendra Dutt argue their case.


Discussion on RTE for 0-6 Year

Discussion about the implication of the judgement of Delhi High COurt w.r.t. Right to Education for children upto 6 years old. Hemant Goswami, Pramod and Ms. Sachdeva discuss it out. Talk show aired by Day and Night News channel.


Discussion – Facebook censorship; IT Act Amendment and Mumbai’s reaction to Bal Thakrey

Discussion on “Day and Night News” about the reaction of Mumbai to the death of Bal Thakery and the arrest of youngsters in Mumbai for posting Comments relating to Bal Thakery. Hemant Goswami, Prof. Akshay and Prof. Lalan discuss the issue.

Hemant Goswami on Manmohan Singh

Talk Show of Hemant Goswami on TV channel PTC News

Hemant Goswami – The Change Catalyst

Hemant Goswami, the Change Catalyst